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Velocita Racing Simulator - Black

Velocita Racing Simulator - Black

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The unique design of the Velocitŗ makes it compatible with almost every racing simulator and 5-star base computer chair. The Patent Pending design is ideal for racing simulator enthusiasts who want to experience the full racing experience.


  • Able to attach a gear shifting box, steering wheel, and pedals
  • Adjustable to fit your position preferences
  • Compatible with most racing simulators
  • Compatible with most 5-star base computer chairs

Detailed Features

  • No Need for an Additional Chair
    • The Velocità patent pending design is uniquely made to fit to your existing compatible chair. Any 5-Star computer chair with 11mm wheel inserts can be attached to the Velocità.
  • Save Money
    • Since the Velocità can attach to your compatible chair, there is no need to buy an additional chair for your racing simulator setup, saving you money.
  • Save Space
    • The Velocità is easily compactible for storage and mobility. Simply detach it from your chair & detach the parts for storage in even limited spaces.
  • Get the Full Racing Experience
    • You can attach most popular racing simulators to the Velocità with a steering wheel, gear shifting box, and pedals.


* Netto Weight 19 kg 41 lbs * Gross Weight 20 kg 44 lbs * Box Dimension 78.5 x 39.5 x 40 cm 31 x 15.6 x 15.7 inches
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