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Sid Meier's Ace Patrol - Age Rating:7 (PC Game)

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol - Age Rating:7 (PC Game)

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The sky above Europe is a dangerous place - it is here that the best pilots lead their squadrons towards great victories or bitter defeats! Get behind the wheel of dozens of the most famous fighters of the First World War and airborne duels. Make turns, barrels and loops to tail the enemy aces. Improve fighters during the course of the campaign and promote the best pilots so that they acquire new skills and gain an advantage in combat. Can you change the fate of war? Or will you fall in flames hit by an enemy ace?


  • Language version : English (Interface)
  • Platform : Steam
  • Type : strategic
  • Number of players : One player, Multiplayer
  • processor : Intel Pentium IV 1 GHz
  • Working memory : 1 GB
  • Graphics Card : 256 MB, NVIDIA GeForce 7600
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