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Access Control Function.with HW Campus Contr.Syst. Software
Referentie :
Voorraad :
€5.699,03(excl. BTW)
€6.895,83(incl. BTW)

Visitor Management Function.with HW Campus Contr.Sys.Sofw
Referentie :
Voorraad :
€999,84(excl. BTW)
€1.209,80(incl. BTW)

eSpace 7910 2_83 inch LCD Screen POE 2GE Wired Handset Network Cable with UL 100-240V 50/60Hz Simple
€77,48(excl. BTW)
€93,75(incl. BTW)

eSpace 7950 5 inch LCD Screen POE USB2 GE port Programmble Wired Handset Network Cable with UL 100-2
€171,30(excl. BTW)
€207,28(incl. BTW)

eSight Server(2 E5-2630 V2 4 8GB 3 300GB SAS 2.5 4 GE LOM 1 4 GE NIC SR320BC+BBU 2 460W PS)
€3.084,48(excl. BTW)
€3.732,22(incl. BTW)

Other Server Accessories USB KB&Mouse No Doc. Black
Referentie :
Voorraad :
€32,23(excl. BTW)
€39,00(incl. BTW)

Monitor 19-Inch TFT LCD Max. Pels 1280 1024/75Hz 100 240VAC Power No Doc. Black
€147,95(excl. BTW)
€179,02(incl. BTW)

SM&SC All in One Device (English Edition including PC Server OS DB SM&SC Software)
€6.063,65(excl. BTW)
€7.337,01(incl. BTW)

Broadband Network Terminal AP4030DN 11ac  2 2 Double Frequency
€202,42(excl. BTW)
€244,93(incl. BTW)

Huawei - eSight Standard NMS License-Incremental 500 Devices License
€7.930,52(excl. BTW)
€9.595,93(incl. BTW)