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Jimu Mini kit is the starterspack of the Jimu series. It learns childeren computer programming in a
€114,27(excl. BTW)
€138,27(incl. BTW)

Programmable robot which can be used for educational and amusement purposes. With 16 joints it is de
€439,62(excl. BTW)
€531,94(incl. BTW)

Jimu Explorer learns childeren skills of computer programming in a playful way.Contains 372 parts an
€175,83(excl. BTW)
€212,75(incl. BTW)

The Jimu Inventor kit is the most comprehensive version of all. It contains 675parts and 16 engines.
€351,69(excl. BTW)
€425,55(incl. BTW)

Jimu Karbot Kit learns childeren skillsof computer programming in a playful way. Build 3 basic model
€131,86(excl. BTW)
€159,55(incl. BTW)

Jimu Tankbot kit provides you with the resources to build a programmable robot.Via the free mobile a
€140,65(excl. BTW)
€170,19(incl. BTW)