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FORM FUTURA Magicfil Thermo Pla - Grey - 285ther-gre-0500 - 500 Gram -   180 - 220  C

Magicfil Thermo Pla - Grey - 285ther-gre-0500 - 500 Gram - 180 - 220 C

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Our MagicFil Thermo PLA filament is a revolutionary new colour-changing 2.85mm PLA filament. This MagicFil Thermo PLA filament has an opaque anthracite grey colour when the temperature of the material is below 29° C. However, when the material reaches a temperature of 29° C, or above, it will change into a transparent colour….!

MagicFil Thermo PLA filament was formerly known as Thermochrome EcoPLA filament.

This amazing MagicFil Thermo PLA filament is produced and extruded in the Netherlands. The complete process from sourcing the chemical recipe to the actual extruding of the MagicFil Thermo PLA filament is being done in the Netherlands. This reduces the “travel distance” of this material significantly, meaning that less fossil fuels are being used to get this material into our warehouse.

MagicFil Thermo PLA, like normal PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid in full), is a thermoplastic which is extruded from the starch of plants, such as corn, cassava, sugarcane, cereals, or sugar beet. By being derived from biological resources this type of thermoplastic can be biodegradable under the right conditions (such as an active compost heap, with enough presence of oxygen) and therefore has a much lesser environmental impact than thermoplastics derived from fossil fuels.


  • Colour:    Transparent
  • Filament Net Weight:    ± 0.5 Kg
  • EAN:    8718924472521
  • SKU:    285THER-GRE-0500
  • Material:    
  • Transparency:    Transparent
  • Diameter:    2.85 mm
  • Diameter Tolerance:    ± 0.05 mm
  • Print Temperature Guideline:    ± 210° C
  • Heatbed Temperature:    
  • Melting Temperature:    -
  • Glass Transition Temperature:    60° C
  • Ovalidity Tolerance (max):    0.05 mm
  • Density (21.5°C):    -
  • Print Speed Guideline:    Comparable with PLA
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