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Flexifil - Natural - 285fpla-ntrl-0500 - 500g- 220 - 260 C

Flexifil - Natural - 285fpla-ntrl-0500 - 500g- 220 - 260 C

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Flexi Filfilament is a rubber-like 3D printer filament which allows you to print flexible objects, such as rubber machine parts, soft toys, flip-flops, and other rubbery items. FlexiFilopens doors to a whole new field of application when it comes to desktop 3D printing. It’s up to your own imagination what you would like to create and print. FlexiFilis a flexible Thermoplastic Co-Polyester 3D printer filament with a Shore hardness of 45D.

FlexiFil is a revolutionary new rubber-like high-performance Thermoplastic Co-Polyester (TPC) filament. FlexiFilhas unique flexural strength properties, as 3D printed objects with FlexiFilwill have a “flexural memory”, allowing objects to return back to their original position after being bent, dent, or folded.

FlexiFilis not only a flexible filament.  It has quite some more remarkable characteristics. FlexiFilis a high-performance TPC that offers a unique combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance, strength, and an excellent UV resistance and good resistance to chemicals. The combination of above features make FlexiFila unique filament in its kind.

FlexiFilfilament is a BIO-performance TPC with a substantially reduced carbon footprint compared to typical Co-Polyester 3D printer filaments, as FlexiFilis partially made out of renewable carbon content, such as bio-based oils.


  • Colour:    Natural
  • Filament Net Weight:    ± 0.5 Kg
  • EAN:    8718924472408
  • SKU:    285FPLA-NTRL-0500
  • Material:    Thermoplastic Co-Polyester
  • Transparency:    Opaque
  • Diameter:    2.85 mm
  • Diameter Tolerance:    ± 0.1 mm
  • Print Temperature Guideline:    220 - 260° C
  • Heatbed Temperature:    
  • Melting Temperature:    180° C
  • Glass Transition Temperature:    -
  • Ovalidity Tolerance (max):    0.10 mm
  • Density (21.5°C):    1150 kg/m³
  • Print Speed Guideline:    10 - 20 mm/s
  • Impact Strength:    -
  • Tensile Modulus:    95 MPa
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