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FORM FUTURA Hd glass-PastelGreen Stained-175hdgla-pasgre-0750-750g-195-225c

Hd glass-PastelGreen Stained-175hdgla-pasgre-0750-750g-195-225c

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HDglass- Pastel Green Stained is a slightly translucent Reseda green coloured 3D printer filament with a subtle hint of added metallic particles. This unique colour blend gives your printed object a “Murano” or stained glass-like appearance.

HDglass- Stained serie is an amorphous, slightly translucent colored and high strength modified PETG compounded 3D printer filament range. HD stands for “Heavy Duty”, as HDglasshas excellent properties when it comes to strength, toughness and temperature resistance for same like materials.

Printing with HDglassfilament is very easy and comfortable as it has a great thermal stability, and superb first- and interlayer adhesion and does not produce any odors during 3D printing. HDglassis a perfectly save material as it does not contain any hazardous substances, is Bisphenol A free, RoHS certified,  REACH compliant, and is even FDA food and drink contact approved.

Because of its unique transparency and glossiness, the HDglasscompound allows itself to be coloured in the most beautiful transparent and bright opaque colours.


  • Colour:    Pastel Green Stained
  • Filament Net Weight:    ± 0.75 Kg
  • EAN:    8718924472323
  • SKU:    175HDGLA-PASTGRE-0750
  • Material:    HDglass™ (PETG compounded)
  • Transparency:    Semi-Transparent
  • Diameter:    1.75 mm
  • Diameter Tolerance:    ± 0.05 mm
  • Print Temperature Guideline:    195 - 225°C
  • Heatbed Temperature:    
  • Melting Temperature:    
  • Glass Transition Temperature:    ± 70°C
  • Ovalidity Tolerance (max):    ± 5%
  • Density (21.5°C):    1270 kg/m³
  • Print Speed Guideline:    Comparable with PLA
  • Impact Strength:    7.2 KJ/m2
  • Tensile Modulus:    2147.6 MPa
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