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Easyfil Abs - Glow In The Dark Green - 175eabs-glgr-0750 - 750 Gram -   220 - 270  C

Easyfil Abs - Glow In The Dark Green - 175eabs-glgr-0750 - 750 Gram - 220 - 270 C

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Formfutura EasyFil ABS Glow in the Dark Green is an awesome colour changing filament. This Glow in the Dark filament will have a natural milky white appearance at daylight and will turn into a luminous green colour in the dark. The filament, or printed object, will basically “charge” its Glow in the Dark colour changing effect with UV/daylight, resulting in an impressive luminous green colour when dark. Its Glow in the Dark effect is beyond any comparison.

Formfutura EasyFil ABS Glow in the Dark is part of our EasyFil ABS filament range. EasyFil ABS is a high-end “easy to use” 3D printer filament. Our EasyFil ABS is not like regular ABS, because EasyFil ABS has a very high impact-resistance, is extra strong, and above all is “easy to print” because of its limited warping!

It is recommended to set your heated print bed ± 90-110įC when printing with EasyFil ABS.

Next to its “easy to use” features, our Formfutura EasyFil filament range has an excellent roundness and very tight diameter and ovalidity tolerances, which makes this filament a perfect match with all common desktop 3D printers. Printing with EasyFil ABS 3D printer filament will go very smoothly with basically all FFF/FDM technology based desktop 3D printers, 


  • Colour:    Glow in the Dark Green (RAL ±n/a)
  • Filament Net Weight:    ± 0.75 Kg
  • EAN:    8718924471326
  • SKU:    175EABS-GLGR-0750
  • Material:    EasyFil ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Transparency:    Opaque
  • Diameter:    1.75 mm
  • Diameter Tolerance:    ± 0.05 mm
  • Print Temperature Guideline:    ± 220-260įC
  • Heatbed Temperature:    
  • Melting Temperature:    240° C ± 10° C
  • Glass Transition Temperature:    ± 103įC
  • Ovalidity Tolerance (max):    ≥95%
  • Density (21.5°C):    -
  • Print Speed Guideline:    40 - 80 mm/s
  • Impact Strength:    36 KJ/m2
  • Tensile Modulus:    2000 Mpa
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