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At-g8lx10 10km 1000lx Gigabit Interface Converter

At-g8lx10 10km 1000lx Gigabit Interface Converter

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Referentie: AT-G8LX10
Taal: US

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- A: SAT < 0,4 W/kg,
- B: 0,4 ≤ SAT < 0,8 W/kg,
- C: 0,8 ≤ SAT < 1,2 W/kg,
- D: 1,2 ≤ SAT < 1,6 W/kg,
- E: 1,6 ≤ SAT ≤ 2 W/kg.

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Industry Standard
The G8 series offers the latest industry standard in flexible, full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. These hot-swappable, fibre interfaces simply plug into a GBIC slot on Allied Telesyn GBIC compatible Layer 2 switches.The migration path to Gigabit Ethernet has never been easier.

The G8 series offers short-haul and long-haul
solutions. From the inexpensive AT-G8SX to
the far-reaching AT-G8LX70, you have the
option to extend your network to the
distances that meet your price/performance
needs.The CWDM version allows you to take
advantage the CWDM technology in an
existing network infrastructure, maximizing
fiber efficiency.

 Copper and fibre Gigabit solutions
 Compact size
 Flexible architecture
 Plug & Play ease of use
 Fault tolerant driver support
 'Coloured' wavelength for CWDM use
 Self-locking mechanism


Overdrachtssnelheid (max)1000 Mbit/s
Golflengte1310 nm
Datalink-protocollenGigabit Ethernet
Voldoet aan industriestandaardenIEEE 802.3z