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At-2701fx/st 100mbps Fast Ethernet Fiber Network Interface Card St

At-2701fx/st 100mbps Fast Ethernet Fiber Network Interface Card St

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Base Price:€116,70€141,21
Referentie: AT-2701FX/ST-001
Taal: UK

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Allied Telesyn's AT-2701FX/FTX and AT-2746FX are the answers for those fiber adapters that support Wake on LAN (WOL) for either PCI 2.1 or PCI 2.2 systems but not both.Allied Telesyn's NICs support WOL through the PCI 2.2 bus and support PCI 2.1 WOL via external cables.Resistant to signal degradation,snooping and interference,the AT-2701FX/FTX and AT-2746FX are ideal solutions for networks requiring protection from electrical interference and hackers.The small footprint-together with the low-profile option of the AT-2701FX/FTX-make these products a perfect choice for PCs equipped with small desktop solutions.

Allied Telesyn's Card Assistant Software

- AT-Setup reduces Window Driver installation to a mouse click.This Windows program guides users through driver installation,updates,and
problem corrections.
- AT-Stat is an advanced Windows application that reports network conditions and performance such as hardware resources, network statistics,and configuration.
- The VLAN protocol driver allows network administrators to configure their VLAN network fabric at the PC instead of the switch,enabling
transparent movement of systems between switches.
- TCP/IP Checksum off-loading improves CPU use by verifying TCP/IP traffic checksums at the adapter rather than at the host processor,
improving overall system performance for slower PCs.
- Packet prioritization enables Windows applications with Class of Service capabilities to prioritize out-bound packet streams to these
NICs,a useful feature for video streaming and VoIP where interruptions are unacceptable.The AT-2701FX/FTX's and AT-2746FX's onboard
Managed Boot Agent (MBA) provides a wide set of industry-standard boot protocols, including PXE,NetWare NCP/IPX,IBM's RPL, traditional DHCP,and BOOTP,supporting both BBS (BIOS Boot Specification) and non-BBS compliant PCs.It also includes an extensive set of utilities for boot ROM configuration,as well as access to Pre-OS and network boot image files.Offering a wide range of connector choices-ST,SC,MT-RJ,or VF-45-these cards meet the requirements of most fiber installations.


Overdrachtssnelheid (max)100 Mbit/s
Full duplexJa
Typisch stroomverbruik5 W
Datalink-protocollenPXE,NetWare NCP/IPX,IBM's RPL, DHCP, BOOTP
Plug and playJa
Breedte5 mm
Diepte17,5 cm
Hoogte6,5 cm
CertificeringFCC/EN55022 Class B, UL, TUV, EN55024, CE
Temperatuur, in bedrijf0 - 50 įC
Relatieve luchtvochtigheid, in bedrijf5 - 80 procent
Luchtvochtigheid bij opslag5 - 95 procent
Voldoet aan industriestandaardenIEEE 802.3u
Compatibele besturingssystemenNetware 4.2, 5, 6
Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT4/2000/2003
Linux 2.2, 2.4
NetwerkfunctiesEthernet, Fast Ethernet