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Backup 12.5 Advanced Workstation License Version Upgrade With Aap Esd

Backup 12.5 Advanced Workstation License Version Upgrade With Aap Esd

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Create complete disk-image or file backups of your Microsoft Windows PCs and enjoy quick, granular, bare-metal recovery - even to dissimilar hardware.
Acronis Backup is the world's easiest-to-use and fastest backup solution that protects everything on your Windows PCs. With just a few clicks, schedule your backups and select your storage destinations, locally or in the secure Acronis Cloud Storage. Restore a complete disk image to dissimilar hardware or simply restore selected files and folders. Set your retention policy to comply with any corporate regulations while creating and sending backups to secondary storage as part of your backup location strategy.


  • Patented disk-imaging technology
  • Storage – disks, NAS, SAN, Acronis Cloud Storage
  • Touch-friendly web-based centralized and remote management console
  • Acronis Active Protection™
  • Application-aware backup
  • Centralized disk storage deduplication
  • Tape drives, autoloaders, libraries support
  • Policy-based group management
  • Role-based administrative access
  • Acronis Notary™
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Off-host backup management operations
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