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Precise Optical Mousing Surface With Gel Wrist Rest(mw311mx)

Precise Optical Mousing Surface With Gel Wrist Rest(mw311mx)

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Base Price:€22,60€27,35

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Denk aan uw gezondheid – gebruik uw mobiele telefoon met mate, bel met een oortje
en kies voor een toestel met een lagere SAT-waarde (SAR-waarde)†
- A: SAT < 0,4 W/kg,
- B: 0,4 ≤ SAT < 0,8 W/kg,
- C: 0,8 ≤ SAT < 1,2 W/kg,
- D: 1,2 ≤ SAT < 1,6 W/kg,
- E: 1,6 ≤ SAT ≤ 2 W/kg.


3M Precise Optical Mousing Surfaces with Gel Wrist Rests Incredibly soft, premium gel to cushion your wrists all day. Available in a variety of sizes with silky-smooth fabric, buttery-soft leatherette or clear covers.


  • Fabric
  • Premium size
  • MX (Silver batterysaving*)
  • Dimensions:8.7"w x 9.2"d x 0.8"h

* 3M’s MX mouse pad products help conserve battery life for wireless mice. Our lab testing has shown that these surfaces draw less current and thus offer 75% more battery life.

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